Dr. Boulet’s professional training includes degrees in neural science, education, and developmental optometry. Beginning his career in the classroom, he taught sciences at the Jr. and Sr. High levels, and pioneered use of computer technology in Alberta schools. He was also involved in curriculum development, creation and assessment of Provincial (diploma) exams. He went on to pursue a career in IT/tech before returning to doctoral studies. His presentations are engaging, relevant, and full of energy.

“Dr. B” is an author and prominent advocate in child vision and development. He worked with the Alberta government to establish a formal standard in child vision assessment (See: http://www.assembly.ab.ca/ISYS/LADDAR_files/docs/bills/bill/legislature_28/session_2/20140303_bill-203.pdf), a bill which nearly passed in the legislature. Dr. B is now working on his second and third books on human vision and training, as well as a video training series through the platform ‘visionmechanic.net’. This video training series will bring science-based information on human vision and vision training concepts to a global audience. Participants in the Vision Rehabilitation Roadshow will get a sneak preview of some of that content.

Below are a few posts from Dr. B’s work. Program handouts will be posted here as the event draws near.