VRR 2020 Program A – Download

VRR 2020 Program A Activity List – Download

This two-day program is filled with practical components with just enough theory to help therapists create their own visual therapeutic activities and programming.

Saturday February 29, 2020

A broad and practical introduction to what vision is, how it impacts on child development and behaviour. Emphasis on techniques for remediation of Visual Signal Acquisition (VSA) skills. Loads of hands-on training and play.

Sunday March 1, 2020

A brief survey of Visual Signal Processing (VSP aka Visual Perceptual) elements followed by intensive sessions on creating activities to remediate VSA and VSP deficits.

Download the documents above for greater detail and send us your comments. The content can be overwhelming at times, so we encourage all participants to review content we’re posting to VisionMechanic.net in advance of sessions.