The program is $425 per seat for two full days of hands-on training, including activities to get you started immediately upon completion, and ongoing access to

    • clinical support,
    • pear/professional discussions/sharing,
    • downloadable activities,
    • access to additional training/learning resources.

Group Enrolment: Three may enrol as a group of 3 at a discount of $50/ea on registration ($375 per seat). Groups of 2 register at a discount of $25/ea ($400 per seat). You can purchase equipment to cover both days, and additional kits are available.

REGISTER NOW – THERE IS A LIMIT OF 50 SEATS for The Vision Rehabilitation Roadshow 2020!

    • Visual Training Kits (VTKs) will are available for $75 each and must be ordered in advance. Kits include multiple activities with instruction and necessary hardware to run these, including lasers, printouts, Marsden Ball, Brock String, and much more. Enough to keep one client busy for weeks. Trains broad aspects of visuomotor and visual perceptual function.

Please fill in the following registration form and someone will contact you shortly to arrange for your personalized registration. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PAYMENT INFORMATION at this time. Allow us to confirm our / your identity first.

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